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A review on the Cyrusher Ripple Electric Snowboard

Hey, Jacob here from, and today, we’re stepping into something totally rad and off the beaten path – the world’s first electric snowboard by Cyrusher. Just when you thought you had seen it all, Cyrusher, these cool cats based out of Logan, Utah, are shaking things up with this wicked invention. Now, I know some of you might be thinking, “Snowboards and electric motors, really?” But hold up, let’s talk about why this is not just cool but could redefine your snow adventures.

Picture this: You’re up in the mountains, and there’s this epic slope ahead. That’s where the Cyrusher Ripple electric snowboard rolls in. This bad boy is not just about downhill thrills; it’s your uphill and cross-country buddy too. We’re talking a monstrous 3000W motor packed into this snowboard, pushing you to speeds of about 28 mph. That’s like zipping across snow-packed trails like a boss!

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And get this – it’s got a range of up to 12.4 miles. Now, that’s what I call a decent stretch for some serious snowboarding action. The Ripple comes with a nifty handheld remote with three speed settings, putting the control right in your palm. Weighing around 33 lbs and capable of carrying someone up to 250 lbs, this board is both sturdy and agile. Plus, it’s got the muscle to tackle slopes with a 20% gradient.

So you’re ready to hit the slopes with the Ripple, right? But here’s the kicker – the battery isn’t even on the board. Nope, you’re carrying it on your back, making sure your ride isn’t weighed down. No bindings included with this one, though you can add them for some extra bucks. And don’t think about switching between powered and free-ride modes; this baby’s wheel is all about constant contact with the snow.

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If you’re already reaching for your wallet, know this – the Ripple will set you back $2499. But hey, for that extra battery for longer rides and the Cyrusher’s 2-year warranty, it’s a pretty sweet deal. And for those who aren’t big on snow but love the water, Cyrusher’s got electric surfboards too. No waves? No problem!

Revving up for a snowboarding session like never before? The Ripple’s got you covered with its high-speed motor and precision handling. And don’t sweat about the elements – this board is built tough and waterproof, ready for any snowy escapade.

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So there you have it, folks – the Cyrusher Ripple electric snowboard, your ticket to a new kind of snowboarding experience. If you’re itching to know more, swing by We might have some in-depth reviews and blog posts to get you all set. And remember, whether we’re talking e-bikes, electric snowboards, or any other cool ride, we’re here to have a blast and live the high life. Until next time, stay blessed and highly favored, and let’s keep riding into awesome adventures. This is Jacob, signing off. Don’t forget to hit subscribe, drop a like, and leave your thoughts below. Catch you on the next ride!

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