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Fast Street Style e-Bike | The Nakto Ranger

Hey guys welcome back to Green Motion e-bikes I am super excited today because we got a brand new e-bike to take out. We’re gonna be taking a look at this 300 watt Natko Ranger and this is one bike that really flies! I love the sleek built-in battery here you can hardly even tell it’s an e-bike. 

Before we get out cruising on this I thought I would just let you guys take a little look at the e-bike itself. What we got here is a 300 watt 11 amp hour 36 volt electric bike, this thing is really made to be like a street cruiser. You do have the front suspension up here but you are looking at more of a street tire so this is not something I would think would really be ideal for going out on trails or anything like that. 

It is deffinetly built to go fast and it has some really nice features including:

– five level pedal assist

– a sixth gear Shimano, gear shifter and derailleur 

– This one does have the thumb trigger

– horn

– light

Maybe put pics of the specs here, you can get form the company website)

Like I shared this thing is really a smooth fast ride but you don’t have to take my word for it why don’t you guys hop on we’ll take it out for a spin. 

(Put the video here)

Aright guys, I hope you had fun. If you want to go check out the Natko Ranger e-bike for yourself we do have it available on the shop tab (link to ebike) Be sure to check back weekly for new bike reviews and let me know something you thought about the new Ranger by Nakto down in the comments, I would love to answer any questions you have.

The weather is so nice today, I think we’re gonna go out and take another ride with Kelly and her kids. You guys have a great rest of your day I’ll see you next time.


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