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Honda Motocompacto a review

In the quest to solve the perennial urban riddle of traffic congestion, Honda re-enters the arena with a blast from the past, rebooted for the electric age. The Honda Motocompacto is a nod to the 1980s, when Honda first introduced the folding Motocompo scooter, a clever solution to beat Tokyo’s notorious traffic jams. The Motocompo’s premise was simple yet ingenious: commuters could park on the outskirts of the city, unfold their compact two-wheeler, and zip to their final destination with ease.

While the Motocompo’s original production was short-lived, its concept has remained compelling through the decades. And now, as urban grids continue to grow denser, Honda revisits the idea with the Motocompacto, an electric folding scooter that reimagines urban mobility with the advantages of today’s technological strides.

The Motocompacto pays homage to its predecessor in form but surpasses it in function. Under the guidance of Nick Ziraldo, the project leader and designer, the Motocompacto emerges not just as a design echo but as a significant leap forward. The new iteration is a testament to four decades of advancement: it’s more compact than the original, lighter, and embraces a cleaner electric motor over the 49-cc two-stroke engine. The result is a scooter that is significantly easier to carry and store, supporting Honda’s vision for an uncluttered future.

As a marvel of engineering, the Motocompacto takes up 18 percent less space than its ancestor when folded, yet it introduces onboard storage for essentials like a small laptop—something the 1980s model lacked. This clever use of space is a boon for modern commuters who require both portability and utility.

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The drive experience, too, has been refined. The new scooter promises agility and ease of use, with a light steering touch and enough pace to make short trips not just efficient, but enjoyable. Honda has clearly aimed to infuse a sense of fun in commuting, offering an antidote to the doldrums of traffic jams and crowded public transport. It might have lower horsepower compared to its predecessor, but what it offers instead is a ride that can bring smiles to the faces of riders, as it did during a trial run on a closed course in Detroit.

Safety is also paramount in the design, with robust failsafes preventing accidental folding while in use. And while the Motocompacto may not have regenerative braking, this choice reflects Honda’s attention to the balance between performance and practicality, ensuring longevity for the battery on varied terrains.

The Motocompacto’s modest 12-mile range per charge is well-suited for its intended purpose—a quick, efficient means of covering the first and last miles of an urban commute. The charging time of 3.5 hours fits into the daily schedules of busy city dwellers, and the forthcoming app promises to add a layer of connectivity and convenience that modern users expect.

Priced at $995, the Motocompacto is an attractive option for those seeking a reliable and enjoyable way to navigate the urban sprawl without resorting to a full-sized vehicle or traditional scooter. Honda’s attention to detail is evident in the build quality, ensuring that this new member of the urban mobility family will be more than just a novelty.

Honda’s entry with the Motocompacto is timely. As city landscapes evolve and the demand for clean, efficient transportation rises, the Motocompacto stands out not just for its nod to nostalgia but for its embrace of a lifestyle where freedom and functionality converge. Its release marks a compelling turn in the narrative of urban transportation solutions—a turn that could very well see the Motocompacto becoming as much of a staple in modern cities as the hatchbacks and foldable bicycles before it.

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Nestled in the heart of urban congestion, Honda’s ingenuity has once again taken form, this time reincarnating its folding scooter from the ’80s, the Motocompo, into a vision aligned with today’s eco-conscious ethos—the Honda Motocompacto. As cities grapple with the conundrum of congested streets and the ever-present challenge of the “first mile/last mile” dilemma, Honda has skilfully revisited their original brainchild with a fresh, electric twist to address the urban commuter’s quandary.

This contemporary rebirth of a classic not only pays homage to its predecessor but also showcases a leap in design and technology. The new Honda Motocompacto comes with a slimmer profile and an even more impressive ability to collapse into a form that’s a breeze to store or carry, demonstrating Honda’s unwavering commitment to convenience and functionality. This evolution from its ancestral counterpart means it occupies less space, both when in use and when tucked away, presenting an elegant solution to those tight parking spaces and compact living quarters synonymous with city living.

The transformation into an electric scooter signifies a broader shift in urban mobility solutions. Where once a smoky two-stroke engine propelled the old Motocompo, the new Motocompacto cruises with the clean, quiet efficiency of an electric motor, which interestingly powers the front wheel—diverging from the traditional rear-wheel drive. The adoption of a lithium-ion battery pack not only denotes an advance in technology but also a commitment to sustainability, aligning with the increasing demand for environmentally friendly transportation options.

While its motor’s 0.7-hp output might seem modest, the Motocompacto is designed to serve a specific urban niche rather than compete with high-powered motorbikes. Its performance is aptly suited for the hustle of city traffic and the dance through pedestrian-filled streets, offering just enough speed to keep the pace while ensuring a level of safety conducive to shared spaces. Honda’s decision to eschew a horn or turn signals underlines its classification closer to a bicycle than a motor vehicle, promoting a harmonious existence with cyclists and pedestrians alike.

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The experience of riding the Motocompacto, set against the backdrop of Detroit’s M1 Concourse, was nothing short of exhilarating, blending simplicity with a zesty performance that belies its compact stature. Once the seat, handlebar, foot pegs, and rear wheel are locked in place, the scooter comes alive at the push of a button, devoid of the complexity and intimidation that often accompany motorized two-wheelers. Even the absence of a suspension system is smartly counterbalanced by the choice of tire compounds and the inclusion of rubber dampers to mitigate the rattle of uneven terrain.

As we navigate the bends and straights of our makeshift track, the lightness of the Motocompacto translates into a playful and responsive ride. Its brisk 0-to-15-mph sprint is unexpectedly thrilling, particularly as you lean into the scooter’s nimble frame, the wind whispering past, affirming that Honda has indeed engineered a slice of joy into its creation.

Convenience extends beyond just the riding experience, with the Motocompacto boasting a respectable 12-mile range on a single charge and a recharging time that syncs with the daily rhythms of life. The forthcoming dedicated app, promising GPS tracking and the ability to adjust settings remotely, brings a dash of modern-day connectivity to this simple yet innovative mode of transport.

Affordability is key to the Motocompacto’s allure, making it an accessible option for a wide demographic—from students weaving through campus to the daily commuter looking for an efficient way to reach the train station. Its price point not only undercuts many e-bikes but also asserts its value proposition as a sturdy, reliable, and fun alternative.

The Motocompacto is more than just a method of getting from A to B; it represents a mindset where flexibility, efficiency, and enjoyment converge. It’s a reflection of a lifestyle that values the fluidity of movement and a conscious choice to engage with our surroundings in a more sustainable, enjoyable way. It’s Honda’s electric dream realized—a dream that fits into the multifaceted tapestry of modern life while inviting us to rethink the bounds of urban mobility.

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The Honda Motocompacto stands as a testament to Honda’s innovative spirit and commitment to urban mobility solutions. This sleek, electric reboot of a nostalgic classic not only pays homage to its predecessor but also paves the way for a new era of personal transportation. Its compact design and efficient performance promise to inject a dose of joy and freedom into daily commutes, offering a sustainable, convenient, and fun alternative to conventional city travel. With its approachable price point and thoughtful engineering, the Motocompacto is poised to become a familiar sight in bike lanes and college campuses, possibly even reshaping urban landscapes. It’s clear that Honda is not just reviving an old favorite but redefining the future of urban mobility. Whether you’re weaving through congested streets or cruising to the local café, the Motocompacto is more than just a mode of transport—it’s a lifestyle choice that speaks to the environmentally conscious and style-savvy rider in all of us.

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