Moonwalkers™: Putting the Future of Mobility Under Your Feet

Imagine traversing the busy city streets at a run’s pace, but without breaking a sweat, feeling the breeze against your face as you effortlessly glide along the sidewalks. Welcome to the era of the Moonwalkers™, a revolutionary mobility device designed to make walking feel like a breeze.

Priced at USD $1399, these futuristic mobility shoes are the perfect combination of technology and comfort.

Developed by Shift Robotics, Moonwalkers™ is the first-ever mobility device that allows you to walk at the speed of a run. Thanks to their adaptive A.I. drivetrain, covering more ground has never been easier or more fun! It’s like giving your feet a set of wings.

You’re always in control with Moonwalkers™. Their intuitive design means that they adapt to your pace; walk faster, and they respond by speeding up, slow down, and they’ll match your speed. And when you want to stop, just do it! The Moonwalkers™ are completely hands-free, employing foot-activated gestures to switch between ‘SHIFT’ and ‘LOCK’ mode, allowing you to navigate the world seamlessly.

But what about safety and convenience?

Your safety is a priority for Moonwalkers™. They come with an internal braking system that can bring you from top speed to a complete halt within 3 feet. Furthermore, they operate in ‘LOCK’ mode when not in use, allowing you to confidently tackle stairs, public transportation, or just stand still at a crosswalk.

The comfort and fatigue-lessening capabilities of Moonwalkers™ are a true game-changer. The ergonomic hinge system is designed to naturally bend at the toe, ensuring you maintain your balance while reducing stress on your body.

And they’re built tough, too!

Moonwalkers™ aren’t just built for the sidewalk. They’ve been tested on dirt, gravel, and concrete and have proven their mettle against all the challenges of an urban environment. They’re also water-resistant and capable of conquering hills with ease, thanks to state-of-the-art brushless DC motors.

One of the key benefits of Moonwalkers™ is their convenience. The shoes fit over a variety of footwear and feature a magnetic quick release. When you need a power boost, plug them in via USB-C for a full recharge in just 1.5 hours.

Moonwalkers™ aren’t just about covering ground. They’re about expanding your footprint. With an average range of 6.5 miles on a single charge, they make the unwalkable, walkable.

Shift Moonwalkers Launch

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Meet the Founder

Moonwalkers™ is the brainchild of Xunjie Zhang, who almost got hit by a car while scootering to work one day. That near-miss sparked a question: Why not walk, especially when it’s safer and more convenient?

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon’s Robotic Institute, Xunjie teamed up with talented race car engineers, roboticists, and sneaker designers. Their mission? To transform the humble shoe into a high-tech mobility device. Five years later, the result is the world’s first electrical shoes that allow you to walk at the speed of a run intuitively and effortlessly – the Moonwalkers™.

Whether you’re a city dweller looking for a better way to navigate the concrete jungle, a technology enthusiast who wants to experience the cutting-edge in personal mobility, or simply someone who appreciates a good walk, the Moonwalkers™ are a perfect fit.

So why not secure your place in line today with a refundable deposit? The future of mobility is here, and it fits like a shoe!

Built to Last

The Moonwalkers™ aren’t just about their sleek design and revolutionary features, they’re built to stand up to the rigors of your daily commute and then some. Using only the highest quality materials, Shift Robotics has created a device that is robust and reliable. Utilizing automotive-grade reinforced plastics and high-pressure die-cast aluminum, the Moonwalkers™ can handle the most demanding urban environments.

But what about when you encounter that unexpected rain shower or want to take a jaunt along a water-soaked path? Moonwalkers™ have you covered. With an IP54 water resistance rating and an automotive-grade sealing method, they can withstand rain and smaller puddles, making them a reliable companion, whatever the weather.


Power and Protection

Behind the cool exterior of the Moonwalkers™ lies an array of impressive technology. Each shoe is powered by a 300W motor, delivering a maximum torque of 8Nm and capable of conquering slopes up to 10 degrees. This makes your uphill battles a thing of the past.

Moonwalkers™ also feature an impressive battery management and safety system. The 18650 battery cells are protected from electrical and environmental extremes using multiple independent and redundant layers of protection. This ensures a consistent, reliable, and safe power supply to each shoe.

Quick to charge, the Moonwalkers™ are ready to go when you are, with a maximum accepted charge power of 65W per shoe. That means you can power up anywhere, anytime, using any USB-C charger, and be fully charged in just 90 minutes.

Safety First

Moonwalkers™ doesn’t just revolutionize how we move; it prioritizes safety in a whole new way. It’s equipped with multiple sensors that continuously monitor the temperature, current, and voltage of each shoe, with a multi-processor system cross-checking itself and providing several layers of safety.

Tried and Tested

Moonwalkers™ are the product of five years of intensive development, testing and refinement. Nine generations of prototypes, hundreds of test miles, countless real-world beta testers (ranging from 18 to 60 years old), and gigabytes of data have all led to the creation of the world’s first electric shoes.

On-the-Go, Effortless and Intuitive

Beyond just their high-tech features, the Moonwalkers™ are designed to make your life easier. Offering a hands-free, no-remote experience, these mobility shoes redefine convenience. They are activated and controlled by your foot movements, meaning there’s no learning curve – just put them on, and you’re good to go.

The Moonwalkers™’ speed is controlled by your pace. If you speed up, they speed up, if you slow down, they slow down. This kind of intuitive control is what sets the Moonwalkers™ apart from other mobility devices.

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A True Extension of You

Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll in the park or navigating through a bustling city, the Moonwalkers™ ensure you’re always moving at just the right speed. With their ability to increase your walking speed up to 2.5 times, these mobility shoes help you make the most of your time, getting you where you need to go in less than half the usual time.

And when it comes to versatility, Moonwalkers™ have got it in spades. They’re designed to fit over a variety of shoes, making them a practical addition to any wardrobe. Plus, with their magnetic quick release, you can easily remove them when you’ve reached your destination.

A Commitment to Sustainability

The vision of Shift Robotics doesn’t stop at creating innovative mobility solutions. They’re also committed to building a future where cities are more enjoyable to navigate, public spaces are better utilized, and the environment is cared for.

The Moonwalkers™ help to achieve this vision by reducing the need for large, pollutant-emitting vehicles for short-distance travel. By enhancing the simplest and most sustainable form of transport – walking – the Moonwalkers™ are contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Final Thoughts

Moonwalkers™ is more than just a pair of high-tech shoes. It’s a statement of intent, a vision of the future, and a bold new step in personal mobility. For $1399, you’re not just buying a pair of shoes; you’re investing in a faster, more efficient, and more enjoyable way to move around.

Why walk when you can moonwalk? Join the revolution today and take your first step into the future with Moonwalkers™. The future of mobility isn’t just on the horizon; it’s right under your feet.

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