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Nakto Camel M Review

I actually have something really exciting, I’m gonna give you guys a sneak peek of today. So when I started getting into e-bikes the first e-bike I had ever bought was under $1,000, the freaking thing rocked man, it was like I said I got so addicted to it, put like 500 miles on that thing in the first few months I had it, lost 25 pounds and it worked great, it was awesome everybody was impressed, but the thing they were most impressed with that they couldn’t believe was the price. People were saying that every bike they saw was around $3,000 – $4,000 dollars.

So when we started this website the focus I wanted to have was to get affordable e-bikes to people, so they could have the same experience I had. Get you out of your cars, kicking out all those carbon dioxide emissions, and onto these ebikes.

Today we another very affordable e-bike from Nakto, now this is sort of the male version of one of their bikes we had looked at before the vintage style camel female bike.

This is kind of the male version of it they call it the camel M for the camel male the other one is a camel F. You can find them with different names sometimes online, as usual, the Chinese are great at making products and manufacturing but they’re not the best at naming things. I can see where they get the idea the camel from the shape of the bike but in the US there’s a derogatory term called the ‘camel toe’ and so to name a female bike ‘the camel’ I just don’t think that’s the best move.

This is another nice, very affordable well under $1,000 e-bike, as with all of these lower-end, more inexpensive e-bikes you kind of got to pick which features are more important to you, you’re not gonna get everything. Now this bike does have the back rack, it has the basket optional on it, and it does have front shocks on it so you get front suspension, that is some great things for this inexpensive of a bike.

The things that it doesn’t have is you don’t get multiple levels of pedal assist, pedal assist is basically on or off. It only has a 250 watt battery but I would say it is surprisingly quick for 250 watt. The Camel M has a 36 bolt 10 amp hour battery that’ll do about a 20 mile range, but other than those limitations with the pebble assist you do have a six level Shimano gearshift and derailleur so you can get down into those lower gears or the higher gears when you need to.

The last aspect that we really liked was the throttle and remember that is on all the time whether you have the pedal assist on or off.

The Nakto Camel M does have some nice features like the rack, the front shocks are awesome for a bike that inexpensive, for me personally if I was looking for more of just a little electric vehicle, like a little scooter, or maybe a moped that’s where this thing is gonna come in great if you are really looking for an exercise bicycle then you want to take out on like 20-mile rides, then I think this might not be the best bike for you. 

If you guys are interested in checking out the very affordable Nakto camel M, we have it available on our website!

Be sure to check back regularly for new ebike reviews, you definitely don’t want to miss the next one and then let me know something you thought about that Camel M  in a comment below.

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