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Nakto Classic E-Bike

All right guys welcome back I am super excited today because we have a brand new model of e-bike we’re going to be taking a look at and we’re also going out for a bike ride. This is a step through style e-bike called The Classic (link to bike on website for sale) and this is what she looks like. 

Pictures of the bike

You will find this e-bike as with all of the e-bikes we look at on this blog right over on the shop tab at you won’t find a lower price on e-bikes anywhere and we now have free shipping!

This is just a beautiful cream-colored bike and I hear it is incredibly smooth to ride so I can’t wait to find out and I have a special bonus for you guys; my best friend’s daughter – she is actually a new mom and she has been looking for something to use as a commuter to get from home to work and I think this e-bike is going to be perfect for her. 

She’s going to come down take that thing for a test ride we’re going to go out with her and see just how well this thing performs. So pack up your stuff because we’re heading down to the store to take out the brand new classic e-bike today on Green Motion.

Hey guys welcome back to Green Motion so we’re down at the store today to check out a brand new e-bike from Nakto the classic. This is a vintage step through style e-bike and here are the specs:

– 250 watt rear hub motor,

– 36 volt battery,

– 10 amp hour this thing will get you about 18 to 20 miles full range

– comes with the metal rack on the back and the basket standard. 

–  Upgraded leather design on the saddle and the handle bars

– six gear shimano gear shift and derailleur 

– one of the unique features with this is there is no pedal assist levels basically the pedal assist is always on with this bike. 

– horn 

–  headlight

So this thing is a real smooth ride but you don’t have to take my word for it we will see what my best friend’s daughter who is a new mom recently is actually looking for an e-bike to use as a commuter to get to work and home, has to say after her test ride. She even agreed to let us tag along so we can see just how smooth this thing rides so strap yourselves in because although it is 100 degrees out today it’s never too hot to take your e-bike out for a ride.

(Put the video)

All right you guys I’ve seen this thing in action we actually have this available right now on the shop tab on, we’ve got this bike listed you’re not going to find a cheaper price anywhere else, click on over and check it out, make sure you check back weekly for new blog posts. 

I will see you guys right back here with a brand new bike to take a look at on Green Motion catch you then. 


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