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Nakto Elegance

Are you guys ready to go on a ride today? Today we are taking outThe elegance by Nakto.

Let’s take a look at the ebike in action then we’ll come back and go through some of the specs. 

(Put video)

Kelly fell in love with the Nakto elegance. She said that it is really fun to ride, it was a lot quicker than she expect it to be. The pedal assist was really smooth, it is very stable when it kicks in.

The Natko Elegance does look similar to that Natko Vintage Step Through(link to this blog post when its up) but this is actually a smaller 22 inch rim on this and unlike the vintage .The Natko Elegance does not have the six gears Shimano gearshift it’s just basically one gear and one pedal assist on or off, but this is a bike that is really on the bottom of the scale of inexpensive e-bikes you can get.

If you’re not looking to get everything that the more expensive models come with  this could be an option. It’s more cost effective if you are on a budget and you’re ok with not getting the front shocks and things like that. 

One great aspect is you do get the throttle plus, you got the built-in headlight, and the other features that come with it. Like I shared before you don’t have gear shifts and things like that, so I wouldn’t consider it as much of a serious riding ebike compared to some of the other ebikes we have reviewed, but it’s still a lot of fun. If you’re just looking to get from point A to point B, this is the one to do it man that’ll get you there.

We hope you had fun hanging out today, if you have not done so already make sure that you check back to the blog weekly if you enjoyed reviewing the Natko Elegance.

All righty e-bikers hope you guys have a great rest of day we’ll catch you right back here on the next ebike.


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