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Places to go: Marvin Braude Bike Trail in LA

Hey there, it’s Jacob from PickMyEbike.com, and today, I’m stoked to share about a biking adventure that’s a true Californian treasure – biking the Marvin Braude Bike Trail in LA. This trail isn’t just about pedaling; it’s a full-on experience of the Cali lifestyle.

Starting at Will Rogers State Beach and stretching 22 miles to Torrance Beach, this trail is a journey through diverse neighborhoods and stunning beachfronts. It’s a perfect mix of urban and beach vibes. You can start at the posh areas in the north, where you might spot a celeb home or two, and cruise down past the famous Santa Monica Pier. Just imagine the ocean breeze and that sweet California sun as you roll past bustling cafes and serene beaches.

Looking For A Scenic Bike Ride In Los Angeles? Check Out The Full Marvin Braude Bikeway!
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