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Rad Power Bikes Radster: a review

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Hey everyone, Aaron here from Pickmyebike.com!

Not long ago, I took a trip to Leavenworth, Washington, a cute little Bavarian-style town nestled in the Cascade Mountains. I took the new Rad Power Bikes Radster electric bike with me. It accompanied me throughout the trip, and I can assure you that the performance was so good that I will take it with me on more trips.

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Rad Radster Ebike Review | Riding in Leavenworth WA! | Green Motion Ebikes

The bike is a beast in power, speed and performance. It goes up and down even the steepest hills in Leavenworth with ease and the effort I put in was almost minimal.

Handling-wise, the Radster is surprisingly agile for its power with a 750 watt rear hub motor. I moved through the charming streets of Leavenworth, dodging carriages and crowds without any problem and on the mountain, not to mention, there was no stone or pothole that slowed me down. The hydraulic disk brakes respond well and overall stability is top-notch.

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If we talk about safety, the battery has a new insulation technology that makes it even more reliable in case of fire or spontaneous combustion and has a safety certification for more peace of mind. Additionally, you can set an access code for the battery to prevent theft.

If we talk about technical specifications, the Radster has a long-lasting battery that allows you to travel miles on a single charge. The engine is quite powerful and provides excellent power for climbing hills and the display has all the information necessary to keep the trip under control. The powerful lights with integrated turn signals keep you visible during any journey at any time. The brakes provide safe and fairly quick and effective stopping power and the transmission offers smooth gear changes. In addition, the rest of the accessories such as the fenders, the suspension fork and the seat kept my ride quite comfortable.

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Here are some more of the specs of the bike:

Battery: Long-lasting with a range of 25-65 miles on a single charge, it keeps you rolling for miles. Plus, it boasts new insulation technology and a safety certification for peace of mind. Motor: Powerful enough to conquer hills with ease, the motor provides serious climbing power. Display: An informative display keeps you in control, showing you everything you need to know from speed and battery level to pedal assist mode. Lights: Powerful lights with integrated turn signals ensure you’re visible during any ride, day or night. Brakes: Confident stopping power comes from the high-quality brakes. Drivetrain: Smooth gear changes are offered by the drivetrain. Comfort: Fenders, a suspension fork, and a comfortable saddle keep you happy on long rides.

Get the Rad Power Bikes Radster electric bike for $1999 right here!

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Overall, the Radster is a fantastic ebike. It’s powerful, safe, and packed with features that make every ride enjoyable. The Radster is a great choice, either for walking around the city, visiting small towns or going up and down hills.

So that’s it for me this time at Pickmyebike.com. Stay tuned for more updates on unique ebikes; see you around!

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