The Inbikeou Raptor Pro: A review


Alright, Pickmyebike.com family, buckle up! I just got back from putting the Inbikeou Raptor Pro to the test and let me tell you, this e-bike is of a completely different breed. It’s not your typical pedal-assisted ride at all. This is a powerful and stable machine, perfect for the city or going off-road.

The Ultimate All-Wheel Drive Ebike! | Inbikeou Raptor Review

First things first: power. It really feels like a rocket strapped to your back when you get up to speed, but much smoother and quieter. Both dual motors engage seamlessly, no matter if you’re going uphill or the terrain is rough. 

Whether on asphalt, dodging traffic in the city, or on a dirt road with rocks and puddles, the Raptor Pro feels light on any terrain.

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Now, all this power wouldn’t mean much without control, which is why the Raptor Pro doesn’t disappoint. The hydraulic brakes feel pretty reliable and are really smooth. And speaking of control, the entire ride feels incredibly stable. The well-designed suspension and frame absorb bumps with ease, keeping your arms from feeling like jelly after a long ride. It’s like riding on a cloud; even when the road gets a little bumpy, the suspension really does its job there.

But let’s talk about the real test: the hills. Those leg-burning climbs that normally leave me gasping for air were a total joke for the Raptor Pro. The dual motors just hummed along without breaking a sweat, propelling me up with power and effortlessness. It was like cheating, honestly, but in the best way possible. And going down the other side? The entire bike felt planted to the ground, allowing me to corner confidently and enjoy the descent instead of having white knuckles the whole way down.

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Here’s the thing: the Inbikeou Raptor Pro isn’t just about raw power or conquering hills (though it does both exceptionally well). It’s about the pure pleasure of riding. It’s about feeling the wind on your face without having to worry about stability, or brakes, or suspension. It really is an Ebike that can adapt to your needs, whether you are an experienced adventurer or a casual traveler.

The hidden dual battery system ensures you have enough power for longer rides, and the fantastic torque sensor provides a smooth and responsive driving experience. Plus, all the information you need is displayed on the clear and colorful TFT screen: battery life, speed, mode selection, it’s all there. And did I mention the Raptor Pro looks sick too? The elegant design and high-quality components make it certainly an eye-catcher.

The Raptor Pro packs a punch with Kenda/Innova tires for smooth rolling and a hidden LG/Samsung 28Ah battery that keeps you juiced for the ride. Dual motors from TRUCKRUN/BAFANG unleash serious power, while the innovative design lets you choose between front, rear, or dual drive modes for ultimate versatility. A waterproof TFT display keeps everything in check, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes ensure confident stopping power. Top it off with a lightweight magnesium alloy suspension fork and 304 stainless steel spokes, and you’ve got a recipe for conquering any terrain in comfort and style.


Honestly, the Inbikeou Raptor Pro is more than just an electric bike; It’s a comfortable and reliable experience from start to finish. It allows you to enjoy the trip more, knowing that you’re in good hands. So, if you’re looking for an e-bike that can handle anything you throw at it and leave you wanting more, then the Raptor Pro could be your perfect match. Trust me, this e-bike is a game-changer, and I can’t wait to see where it takes you next.

See you next time, and stay tuned!

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