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The Latest Ebike news in the US

Harley-Davidson Sells “Serial 1” eBike Brand to LEV Manufacturing:

Big news for e-bike fans: Harley-Davidson’s eBike branch, Serial 1, has a new owner – LEV Manufacturing. They’ve been in the e-mobility game for over 16 years and are all set to make these bikes in the US, moving the operations to sunny Florida. This change is part of their big plan to grow and make the brand even better. For people who love these bikes, this is great because it means the same high-quality e-bikes will now be made by a dedicated team right in the USA. And there’s a cherry on top: this move to American production is likely to bring down the prices at Serial 1 dealers and sales networks. So, we can expect more affordable premium e-bikes soon​​.

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Boosting e-Bike Use in the US With Incentive Programs:

There’s a growing trend in the US of encouraging people to use e-bikes, especially in places where the federal government isn’t offering e-bike incentives. In 2023 alone, five states – Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Vermont, and Washington – have launched new e-bike incentive programs. With 61 active programs across the country and 17 more on the way, it’s clear that states and cities are leading the charge in promoting e-bike usage. These programs often provide financial perks like tax credits or rebates to make e-bikes more affordable. One highlight is Connecticut’s e-bike program, which received thousands of applications, showing just how popular these bikes are. Besides being a hit among users, e-bikes are a win for the environment too. They are significantly lighter and less polluting than electric cars, thanks to their smaller batteries and overall design. They’re also super easy to charge – just plug them into a regular wall outlet. Plus, they fit seamlessly into urban life, which is a big plus for city dwellers. All these efforts are part of a broader push to reduce car dependency and encourage more sustainable forms of transportation like biking, walking, and telecommuting​​.

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New Electric Bike Rules in North Texas:

E-bikes are taking over the streets in North Texas, and not just adults but kids too are loving them. To make sure everyone stays safe, the region has rolled out some new rules. The Youth Advisory Commission did some homework on this and suggested these new guidelines, which the City Council has now made official. If you’re under 16 and riding an e-bike, you’ve got to wear a helmet. Riding on sidewalks in busy areas is a no-go, and you’ve got to keep your speed in check. Just like car drivers, e-bike riders have to follow all the road rules. That means one person per seat and turning on those lights when it’s dark. It’s all about keeping the roads safe for everyone, as more and more people choose e-bikes for their daily commutes or just for fun​​.

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Deadly E-Bike Accident in Bend Raises Awareness About Laws:

A heartbreaking accident in Bend, Oregon, has put the spotlight on e-bike safety. A 15-year-old boy lost his life in a collision with a minivan, raising serious questions about e-bike rules. The accident happened because the boy was riding against traffic, and he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Surprisingly, a lot of people in Bend aren’t fully clued up on e-bike laws. In Oregon, you need to be at least 16 to ride an e-bike, and you can’t ride them on sidewalks. Helmets are strongly recommended, especially for younger riders. This tragic incident has prompted the local police and city authorities to step up their efforts to educate everyone about e-bike safety rules. They’re particularly urging parents to make sure their kids know the rules before they hop on an e-bike​​.

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Global eBike Market Insights 2023:

In the “Global Electric Bike Growth Opportunities” report by, a significant trend in the global eBike market is highlighted, propelled by government incentives and urbanization. Governments globally are encouraging a shift from traditional vehicles to eBikes through various subsidies. This is largely due to eBikes’ efficacy in addressing urban mobility and last-mile delivery challenges, given their compact size and efficiency.

The report indicates a stark contrast in eBike market dynamics across regions. Europe leads with the highest penetration rate of eBikes in the bicycle market. Conversely, in China, regulatory constraints are decelerating the growth and adoption of eBikes. North America is experiencing steady growth, bolstered by the introduction of new eBike models.

A notable segment within the eBike market is eCargo bikes. These offer a cost-effective, operational, and maintenance advantage over traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Their design allows for nimble navigation through traffic and utilization of bike lanes, circumventing traffic congestion. Furthermore, eCargo bikes typically do not require a driving license for operation, broadening the potential user base. They also benefit from reduced acquisition costs as they are exempt from registration fees in most jurisdictions. In terms of utility, a standard eCargo bike can carry approximately 160 kilograms, with the potential to increase this capacity through modular cargo trailers.

The report also sheds light on the disparity in environmental consciousness between developed and developing nations, particularly in Asia. While eBikes are a viable solution to urban air pollution, their adoption for health and fitness purposes remains limited. The report suggests that enhanced subsidies and financial incentives could spur eBike adoption. Additionally, the development of eBike-specific infrastructure, such as dedicated bike lanes, parking facilities, and battery charging and swapping stations, is crucial. Policy initiatives, including tax benefits and encouraging the transition from ICE two-wheelers and cars to eBikes, are likely to facilitate consumer inclination towards eBikes for personal transportation needs​​.

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