The NAKTO Fashion Electric City Bike: A Review

There are many choices of electric bikes (eBikes) on the market today, but one that stands out both in style and functionality is the NAKTO Fashion Electric City Bike. Priced at an affordable $709.00, this stylish city bike offers a fusion of functionality and fashion. Ideal for daily commuting to work, school, or errands, the NAKTO Fashion Electric Bike is designed to be user-friendly and can be effortlessly maneuvered by anyone.

Versatility and Style 

A distinctive feature of the NAKTO Fashion Folding Bike is its practicality. The bike’s design allows you to fold it easily and carry it around, fitting comfortably in your car trunk or an overhead bin on a plane. It is perfect for those who want to keep up with their fitness routines on business trips, or just enjoy a leisurely bike ride, wherever they are.
With a compact frame, 20-inch rims, and the ability to be adjusted to suit different riders, the NAKTO Fashion Folding Bike is an excellent choice for teenagers, women, and adults of short stature. The frame is crafted from lightweight aluminum, making it easy to carry around when necessary. The bike also comes equipped with a front fork suspension and CST BFT fat tires, features typically seen in pricier models.
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Powered by a 36-volt, 250-watt hub motor, the NAKTO Fashion Folding Bike is capable of a quick and smooth acceleration, ideal for navigating dense city traffic. Its compact dimensions and general-purpose tires ensure maneuverability, making it perfect for zipping around and accessing narrow alleyways. 
The bike is equipped with a sizable 10 amp/hour battery located on the down tube for balanced weight distribution. A fully charged battery can provide a range of up to 22 miles, enough for most daily commutes or errands. It takes approximately four hours to fully recharge the battery.
One of the standout features of the NAKTO Fashion Folding Bike is its dual mode operation. It supports both pedal-assist and twist throttle modes, offering you flexibility in how you want to ride. In the pedal-assist mode, the motor provides power as you pedal, making your ride easier and faster.
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Quality Components 

The NAKTO Fashion Electric Bike boasts reliable stopping power, thanks to Shimano dual expansion brakes, ideal for all-weather conditions. The bike’s overall size is 60.5″ x 21.6″ x 40.5″, with a wheel size of 20″ x 1.75″. It has an adjustable seat tube length and saddle height, providing a comfortable riding position for various riders.
The bike is furnished with a high-quality Tianneng 36V/10A removable battery, capable of supporting up to 22 miles on a single charge. The drivetrain consists of Shimano shifters and rear derailleur, ensuring smooth and reliable gear shifts. The bike’s frame is a sturdy NAKTO carbon steel step-thru frame, combined with a Trama fork for extra durability and performance.


Extra Features

Beyond its performance and style, the NAKTO Fashion Electric Bike comes with various extra features designed to enhance your riding experience. The bike has a user-friendly hi-rise handlebar that positions your wrists and back in a natural position while riding. The ergonomic saddle is well sculpted with a sporty design and comes with an alloy quick-release lever for easy seat-height adjustment.
For your safety, the bike is equipped with a compact headlight that greatly increases your visibility in traffic, ensuring safe riding at night. The bike also features an integrated steel rear rack for carrying your gear or cargo effortlessly while you ride.
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Fashion Electric City Bike is a wonderful option for anyone who seeks an affordable yet quality electric bike. The folding design, combined with the powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and user-friendly features, make this bike a perfect choice for everyday commuting and leisure riding.
Its style does not compromise its performance, and its specifications are impressive for its price range. With its user-friendly design, this electric bike allows anyone to enjoy the benefits of an eBike, from teenagers to adults, and from daily commuters to leisure riders. The NAKTO Fashion Electric City Bike truly embodies the phrase “Fashion meets Functionality”.
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Technology and Drivetrain

Powered by a 38Nm / 250W motor, delivering peak power for swift acceleration, coupled with a torque of up to 38Nm for optimal performance. The drivetrain employs a Shimano shifter and rear derailleur, a well-regarded brand in the cycling world known for reliable and seamless gear shifts. The crankset is a sturdy Lide 40*5.9″, and the rust-resistant chain promises longevity and endurance. 
The bike operates in three modes: throttle only, pedal assist (PAS) only, and a combination of throttle with PAS. These versatile drive modes allow riders to customize their biking experience based on personal preferences and journey requirements.

Frame and Design

The NAKTO Fashion Electric Bike’s frame is a fusion of robustness and style. Crafted from high-strength NAKTO carbon steel, the bike features a step-through frame allowing easy mounting and dismounting. The front fork, a vital component for absorbing shocks and smoothing out rides, is a sturdy Trama model. 
The bike’s frame color comes in a classic black, versatile enough to appeal to a broad spectrum of riders. The saddle is reinforced, ergonomic, and houses two damping springs for extra comfort on longer rides. 
An interesting element is the bike’s foldable design, primarily constructed from Q345 Carbon Steel Metal Frame with an Aluminum Alloy Hub, ensuring robustness while maintaining portability.
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Wheels and Tires

The NAKTO Fashion Electric Bike is fitted with 20″ x 1.75″ CST JackRabbit tires, renowned for their fast-rolling tread design and small ramped knobs. This configuration not only ensures a smooth, swift ride but also offers ample traction for safer biking.
The bike’s aluminum alloy rims contribute to the overall lightweight design, while the carbon steel spokes promise sturdiness and resilience. The rear hub is integral to the bike’s performance, housing the 38Nm / 250W motor, which is a geared brushless model for enhanced efficiency and reduced maintenance.


The bike employs Shimano dual expansion brakes: a front V brake and a rear disc brake. The use of this braking system guarantees powerful and immediate stopping in all weather conditions, a critical factor considering the urban environments the NAKTO Fashion Electric Bike is designed for.
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Added Features

The NAKTO Fashion Electric Bike doesn’t stop at providing just the essentials. It is outfitted with a host of additional features enhancing the user experience. For instance, the front suspension moderates the compression and rebound speeds, resulting in a smoother, more comfortable ride, even on uneven surfaces. 
A built-in headlight significantly increases rider visibility during night-time or low-light conditions, a must-have safety feature for city commuters. An added bonus is the durable steel rear rack, offering convenient storage space for any extra cargo or gear riders might need to carry. 
Weighing in at 66lbs, this bike is comparatively lightweight given its robust construction and the host of features it offers.

General Specs:

Motor38Nm / 250W motor
Pedal Assist Levels1 level
DisplayBattery indicator
BatteryTianneng 36V/10A, removable, supports up to 22 miles
Drive Mode3 modes: throttle only/ PAS only/ Throttle with PAS
FrameNAKTO carbon steel step-thru frame
ForkTrama fork
HandlebarsFlat handlebar, carbon steel, 21.6″ width
SeatpostAluminium alloy dropper post, seat-height adjustability, 1″ diameter
SaddleReinforced and ergonomic in black, 2 damping spring
PedalsYonghua PA66
Rear DerailleurShimano, MF-TZ500-6
BrakesShimano, Front V brake and rear disc brake, steel
Brake LeversSteel
ChainRust resistant
CranksetLide 40*5.9″
Bottom BracketIntegral bottom bracket
RimsAluminium alloy, silver
Hubs38Nm / 250W motor, integrated into the rear wheel, geared brushless motor
SpokesCarbon steel, silver
TiresCST JackRabbit, 20″ x 1.75″
Rear rackSteel, black
Front lightHeadlight tail light – reflector
Load Capacity220 lbs
Frame MaterialHigh-quality Q345 Carbon Steel Metal Frame with Aluminum Alloy Hub
Front SuspensionHigh-strength carbon steel

In conclusion

the NAKTO Fashion Electric City Bike is a highly recommended option for those looking for a reliable, fashionable, and functional electric bike. The bike’s unique blend of style, performance, user-friendly features, and affordability set it apart in the crowded eBike market. Whether you’re commuting daily, running errands, or simply riding for leisure, the NAKTO Fashion Electric City Bike is a worthy investment for an enhanced biking experience.

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