The NEW Camel from Nakto! 350 watt & 5 Levels Pedal Assist

Today we’re going to be checking out a new e-bike from Nakto. This is the all-new five-level pedal assist 350 watt camel and this does have the same frame as the original Nakto camel but they did make some fantastic upgrades 

One level pedal assist  had a tendency to want to get up to 20 miles an hour no matter what you were doing, so it would have a little bit of a eagerness to run away from you basically and the only way you can get to slow down is to stop pedaling.

This brand new version with the five level pedal assist also has an LCD screen with the speedometer , it has just really improved this e-bike immensely,  so get ready to go because we are checking out the 350 watt five level pedal assist camel by Nakto.

Lets take a look at the brand new Nakto camel with the five level pedal assist and the upgraded 350 watt rear hub motor.  the screen is a little bit of a smaller led screen but you do have your speedometer on there, as well as your five levels of pedal assist.

One of the other things they changed about this is the throttle, instead of that half throttle you now have a full hand throttle. And that’s in your lowest level pedal assist and your highest level pedal assist you’re going to be able to do this. So all right guys I think that is all the new features on this brand new Nakto camel, I’ve got my assistant Jesse coming down here to take this thing out for a test ride for us.

I hope you had fun taking that little spin on the brand new Nakto camel 350 watt five level pedal assist, if you enjoyed yourself at any time during this review please leave a comment. If you know anybody looking for an e-bike might be in the market for this new camel, then go ahead and share this blog with them.

Other than that remember to check back for more blogs and then just have yourselves a fantastic rest of your e-biking day and I’ll catch you guys right back here with a brand new e-bike, e-scooter or long board to learn about.

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