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The New Nakto Elegance 5 Level Pedal Assist Electric Bicycle

What’s up e-bikers I’m excited today because we are back down at the store to take a look at a brand new model of e-bike. For those of you who don’t know we live in central Washington and you can  always come down to the store if you are in town.  Let’s go ahead and check out what we got to look at today.

We have a brand new vintage step through style e-bike from Nakto this one is five level pedal assist and she is tiny enough for even the smallest riders come on check it out, this cutie here is the vintage step through easy ride from Nakto.

(Pic of bike)

She has this cool cushion that goes on the back rack here so if you got a couple of kids that can ride each other on that, she also has the 250 watt rear hub motor ,10 amp hour battery that’s going to get you a full 20 mile ride on this thing. We’ve also got the throttle and that is a full handle throttle on this just like a little scooter or moped check it out.

Tthis one does have the LCD screen that’s going to show you your miles as well as your miles per hour and the five level pedal assist bam, we also have the built-in headlight. So this is a great little e-bike starting under a thousand dollars for either a child or a small adult. I actually have my buddy mike’s daughter come in and test ride this ebike for us today. 

So don’t go nowhere guys because we’re going to be taking a ride on the Nakto elegance 

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