The “Ungoverned Vendetta” A new all-terrain 4-season electric Skateboard I just heard of!!

Hey, friends! Buckle up, because I’ve just come across something that’s blowing my mind – the “Ungoverned Vendetta”. This isn’t just any skateboard; it’s a four-season, all-terrain electric monster, and I’m here to spill all the deets on this wild ride.

Imagine a skateboard, but on steroids and with tank tracks. Yes, that’s right, tank tracks! It’s the brainchild of Dan Baldwin, an Aussie skateboarder, who’s shaking things up at Ungoverned Pty Ltd. These guys are crafting these beasts in Australia, and they’re creating quite a stir from the UK to the USA and even in the snowy landscapes of Finland and Germany.

Let’s hit the throttle on this baby – it zooms up to 31 miles per hour! Cruising down your block at that speed is the stuff of adrenaline junkies’ dreams. And the Vendetta doesn’t just sprint; it’s got stamina too. A 165-pound rider can enjoy a smooth 30-minute ride at an average speed of 12.5 miles per hour on a flat track. Pretty neat, right?

But where this beast really shines is its versatility. The Vendetta is your ticket to conquer terrains that regular skateboards wouldn’t dare touch – think sand, creeks, rocks, and yes, even snow. Thanks to its front and rear track drive system with independent traction control, you’re getting top-notch stability and grip on all sorts of wild terrains.

Now, let’s talk about craftsmanship. The Vendetta is handmade, which just adds a whole layer of cool to it. It weighs in at around 61 pounds, a bit hefty but hey, it’s packing some serious power. And it’s built to withstand the elements, splash-proof and IP67 certified, so a bit of water or mud won’t dampen your adventure.

Charging is hassle-free with its high-quality Samsung lithium-ion batteries. You’ve got a standard charger for a full charge in about 7 hours, or if you’re in a hurry, the fast charger powers it up in just 1 hour. The control is in your hands, literally, with a wireless controller for acceleration, braking, and deceleration. Steering? That’s all you – lean in and carve your path.

Okay, so the price point is up there, like buying a small car. But for those who’ve got the cash, this isn’t just another skateboard; it’s a whole new world of thrill. And nope, it’s not street legal – this bad boy is meant for the great outdoors, for the wild at heart.

Now let’s talk about the tech that makes this thing a true marvel. I mean, this isn’t just a board with a battery strapped on; it’s a finely-tuned piece of engineering. You’ve got these independent traction controls that make handling this skateboard a dream, even on the trickiest terrains. It’s like having the agility of a cat on tracks.

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HORSEPOWER HOUR discuss the Ungoverned Vendetta   HD 720p

Now, about the remote – it’s IP67 rated, folks. That means it’s built to withstand some serious environmental challenges. You’re not just controlling speed and brakes; this remote gives you a whole dashboard in your hand, with LCD showing speed, battery percentage, and more. It’s like the cockpit of a fighter jet, but you’re riding it in your backyard or on a dirt trail.

And here’s something for the tech geeks – the motors and electrics are also IP67 rated. That’s not just impressive; it’s almost overkill for a skateboard. But hey, when you’re riding a Vendetta, overkill is the name of the game. You’re riding something built to survive a post-apocalyptic world.

The weight of the Vendetta, at 61 pounds, might seem like a lot, but remember, this isn’t your typical street skateboard. This is something you’d take on an adventure, not just a ride down the street. It’s the kind of thing you’d load up in your truck for a weekend in the mountains or the desert.

You know, the team behind the Vendetta, Ungoverned Pty Ltd, are not your average skateboard builders. These guys are like the mad scientists of the adventure world, mixing skateboards and tanks – I mean, who even thinks of that? It’s like they grabbed some insane ideas from a sci-fi movie and just decided to make it real. Their journey from the late 90s to now? It’s like watching someone build their own rocket ship in the backyard. They’re not just making toys; they’re reimagining what fun means.
And let’s be real about the Vendetta – it’s definitely a luxury item. I can’t say I’ll be getting one anytime soon, but man, isn’t it cool to dream? It’s not just about cruising on a fancy skateboard; it’s about the wild ideas and innovations that come to life. These engineers are not just playing around; they’re throwing ideas to the table and having a blast doing it. It’s like they looked at a regular skateboard and said, “Let’s crank this up to eleven.” What an idea, right? Pure genius!

The Vendetta, with its tank-like tracks and crazy speed, is something straight out of a dream – or maybe a video game. And while it might not be something every one of us can grab right off the shelf (because, let’s face it, that price tag is something else), it’s still pretty awesome to know it exists. It’s like watching a supercar zoom by; you might not be in the driver’s seat, but it still gives you a thrill.

For those who can get their hands on a Vendetta, I bet it’s going to be one heck of an experience. Cruising over sand dunes, plowing through snow, or just tearing up the backyard – it’s all about breaking the mold and having a blast while doing it.

And for the rest of us? Well, we can dream, can’t we? Maybe one day we’ll get to take a spin on one of these bad boys. Until then, we’ll just have to live vicariously and enjoy the fact that there are people out there who think, “Yeah, let’s put tracks on a skateboard. Why not?”

What’s your take on this kind of innovation in sports and adventure gear? Are we looking at the future of outdoor fun, or is this just a niche toy for the few? And if you had the chance, where would you take the Vendetta for a spin? Drop your ideas, dream destinations, or just your thoughts on this beast. I’m all ears!

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