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The Walkcar: A Remarkable Gadget Worth Exploring

Welcome to the world of mobility innovation! Here at PickMyEbike.com, we’re all about the latest and greatest in e-bikes and e-mobility solutions. While we specialize in helping you find the perfect e-bike, we couldn’t resist sharing something extraordinary with you, even though we don’t sell it. Introducing the Walkcar, a gadget that’s caught our eye for its incredible design and functionality. Let’s dive into what makes this little marvel stand out!

The Walkcar: What Is It?

Think of a car you can carry in your bag, weighing just 2.9kg. It sounds like something from the future, right? Well, the Walkcar has turned this futuristic idea into a reality. Though it’s not an e-bike, its unique design and features make it a cool gadget we think is worth knowing about.

Compact and Lightweight: A Commuter’s Dream

The Walkcar’s strong and compact body is no bigger than a 13-inch laptop. Using materials like carbon and extra super duralumin, it achieves a balance between strength and weight that’s unheard of in the mobility world. Imagine pulling it out of your bag and hopping on for the last leg of your commute!

An Eye-Catcher with Functionality to Match

This nifty gadget isn’t just about looking good (although it does that too!). With a minimalistic design and attractive color options like “Ipsum Silver,” the Walkcar is as stylish as it is functional. Its high running performance, up to 16km/h, is comparable to a bicycle, allowing for quick and smooth rides.

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"WALKCAR" car in a bag | COCOA MOTORS.Inc.

Smooth Sailing with Advanced Suspension

What truly impressed us at PickMyEbike.com is the Walkcar’s 4-wheel independent suspension. Even though we’re all about e-bikes, we appreciate good engineering when we see it! This suspension softens road impacts, ensuring a comfortable ride, something we think e-bike lovers can also appreciate.

Green, Safe, and Smart

Here’s where the Walkcar aligns with our passion for eco-friendly transportation. As an electric device, it contributes to cleaner air in urban environments. Plus, safety features like automatic braking and low vehicle height add to its appeal.

Not an E-Bike, But a Novel Concept

We know we’re all about e-bikes here, but the Walkcar’s hands-free operation, intuitive controls, and fast charging time caught our attention. It’s a refreshing look at what mobility can be, even if it’s not in our wheelhouse (pun intended!).

How Does It Compare to E-Bikes?

Here at PickMyEbike.com, our focus is primarily on e-bikes, so it’s natural to wonder how the Walkcar compares. While we can’t put it in the same category, we can explore some interesting parallels and contrasts:


E-bikes, even folding ones, generally require dedicated space for storage and transportation. The Walkcar’s revolutionary design lets you carry it like a laptop, making it one of the most portable mobility devices we’ve come across.

Performance and Riding Experience

E-bikes offer varying levels of support, speed, and comfort for riders. The Walkcar, though not designed for long distances, provides three speed modes to suit different needs, including a mode suitable for fast commuting at 16 km/h. Its intuitive controls through foot sensors provide an exciting new way to navigate.


Like e-bikes, the Walkcar offers an environmentally friendly way to get around. The electric motor, regenerative energy system, and overall energy efficiency align with our commitment to green transportation here at PickMyEbike.com.


While e-bikes offer the pleasure of cycling with the convenience of electric assist, the Walkcar opens up new possibilities for short-distance travel, indoor movement, or as a supplement to public transportation.

Safety Features That Impress

Beyond its novel concept, the Walkcar impresses with well-thought-out safety features. An automatic braking system to control downhill speed, low vehicle height for easy on-and-off, and 4-point sensors for hands-free operation add layers of safety without compromising its sleek design.

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The Walkcar in Everyday Life: A Peek into Possibilities

Though we’re all about e-bikes, we love imagining how the Walkcar could fit into daily life. Here are some scenarios:

Last-Mile Solution: For commuters who take public transit, the Walkcar could be the perfect solution for the final stretch from the station to the office or home.

Urban Exploration: Whether it’s a quick run to the store or exploring city parks, the Walkcar offers a fun, new way to get around town.
In-Office Mobility: In large corporate environments or campuses, the Walkcar could serve as a convenient way to move between buildings, saving time and energy.

A Curiosity and Inspiration

The Walkcar is a gadget that piques curiosity and offers inspiration. It’s a testament to human ingenuity and a glimpse into what the future of urban mobility could look like. While we at PickMyEbike.com won’t be offering the Walkcar as part of our lineup, we admire it as a fellow traveler on the road to innovative, sustainable transportation.

Its design, functionality, and potential applications make it a remarkable piece of technology. Even as e-bike enthusiasts, we can appreciate the vision behind the Walkcar, and we believe it’s worth sharing with our community.

As we continue to explore and promote the world of e-bikes, we’ll keep our eyes on fascinating developments like the Walkcar. It reminds us that the journey toward better mobility solutions is filled with surprises, innovations, and endless possibilities. Here’s to the future of travel, where our choices, whether e-bikes or cool gadgets like the Walkcar, reflect our values, needs, and passions. Happy exploring!

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